services & solutions

I may not available for accepting any engagements related to service assignments. Thank you for your interest.
Electronics/Embedded system

Experienced develop advanced embedded system, robot using microcontroller with customized C#.NET software implementation. Schematic and PCB design are also available.

I'm specialized and familair with following research topics:
  • IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless sensor network / Zigbee Module with API and AT command mode
  • Force sensing sensors with high-frequency biomedical instrumentation
  • Embedded system application with web/customized application interfaces
Web development

More than 10 years experience in web development. It's up to you what you want. This include web-based programming and webdesign that emphasis on usability and search engine optimization. You can see my pass work in project page.

If you think I'm best suit to your assignment for your own website/company website. Please e-mail me with scope of work, budget and timescale.

Actually, This is a non-profit a service to indirectly help my project. It's only my inspiration parallel working with web development.